Bruce lee dragon flag

bruce lee dragon flag

Did you know the dragon flag is named after Bruce Lee? He was often called “the Dragon” and performed this movement where his body hung straight like a flag. Page 1 | Build a serious midsection with Bruce Lee's go-to ab move, the Dragon Flag. Gmail: personaltrainerfarid (at) Bruce lee six pack Training / Dragon Flag core 8 pack.


How to Do the Dragon Flag (Bruce Lee’s Signature Exercise) bruce lee dragon flag It took me a long time to be able to start hitting them on a regular basis. Learning to hold tight in a plank position can teach the tightness needed for the dragon flag. In fact, other than wanting to "bulk up," achieving a chiseled set of abs was probably my number one casino film besetzung goal. This site may not function properly in the version of Internet Explorer you are using. Skip to main content. Add what is uniquely your. Krafttraining Newsfeed Fotos Video.